There are two productions that are to be put in place. You can click on the donation button to make a donation, or  watch the video to gain more information about the productions.

Voices for Freedom and Peace.

Around the Greenwood Tree

A ballad-opera composed for children and adults - 2 hours

music by John Craig Cooper

story by John McConville

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Music for Dance with Chamber Ensemble


Yoseh for alto, baritone solos and chorus, orchestra



Rites at the Well

a dance drama - 1 hour 15 mins

Short Synopsis

The action of the opera takes place in a dream of the Young Man in which his Beloved is engulfed and destroyed by a Witch dancing with her shadow. A Wise Man appears who leads the Young Man to an ancient well. The law of the ritual of the well is to confront the Witch at full moon and drink from its waters. Only then will he be freed from the witch's spell. When the Young Man summons-up the courage to look into the tearless eye of the Witch and drink from the healing waters of the well, the Witch burns. The Young Man's Beloved is then reborn out of the Witch's ashes.

Long Synopsis:

ACT 1: The opening scene takes place in a shadowy jungle area. The light of a first crescent moon is filtering through entangled vines. The Young Man is sitting on a rock next to the grave of his dead beloved lamenting his loss. The Wise Old Man appears and asks 'What dark spirit lingers here?'. The Young Man describes his recurrent dream in which his beloved is transformed into a Witch. The conversation is followed by a dance of The Witch and her Shadow. The Old Man leaves for his mountain sanctuary to meditate on the meaning of the Young Man's dream.

ACT 2: The scene changes to the entrance of the Old Man's mountain sanctuary overlooking the sea. The light of a second crescent moon highlights the Witch struggling to free herself from the entangled vines. After she pulls herself free, she dances with the Young Man's shadow. The Old Man appears from the sanctuary and advises the Young Man to give up his obsession with his dead beloved and to look within himself for the answer to his dilemma and 'heed the call of the distant stars'. Then the Old Man leads him to the well to perform an ancient ritual that will lift the

ACT 3: On the mountain top four rocks describe a circular area representing the well. The Witch who is disguised as the Guardian of the well is seated on a rock in the center. She dances towards the Young Man, penetrates a scrim, and engages the Young Man in a seductive dance. At the moment of climax she stares at him with unmoistened eyes. As he stands his ground a waxing moon becomes full. He drinks from the waters of the well and then unmasks the 'Guardian of the well' to reveal the Witch. With the support of the community of dancers, he dismembers the Witch and burns her. Out of her ashes his Beloved is reborn. The Healing Waters scene concludes the opera with the entire cast singing and dancing in celebration of
the magical event.


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